CESPEA, Center for Economics of Abundance

The FAZ is an economic model created on 2003 by Domenico De Simone and developped during the years by other individuals. To develop his ideas was formed a research group called CESPEA, Centre for Economics of Abundance.

The group aims to carry out research and development in the monetary sphere, to build an economy based on abundance rather than scarcity.

Activities. It is proposed, such as research, to study the functioning of the existing monetary institutions, to propose a monetary reform and to develop complementary and alternative monetary systems based on abundance rather than scarcity. The development aims to identify the technical, legal and taxation issues for an alternative and complementary currency system building.

FAZ Feasibility studies. On our site is described an introductory possible circuit using a complementary local currency based on the principles of the FAZ. To have this circuit adequately realized you need to start a feasibility study of socio-econometric value compared to the intrinsic characteristics of the territory in which you wish to create. To this end, the Centre shall make available its expertise and his network of professionals to assess in detail the feasibility of an initiative in the area and to define an implementation model that includes the introduction of complementary currency possibly in different steps.




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